All players should endeavour to play within their skill level. Players who play outside of their regular skill level must be able to play to the level of the court. That means you must play a softer game if you are an Advanced player on an Intermediate court, and you must be able to play a faster game if you are an Intermediate player on Advanced court. When moving up between levels you must play only on courts of 12 players until you can demonstrate your ability to consistently play to the level of the court.

🔵 BEGINNER (aka 1.0-2.0 Beginner) This is where new to the sport players will start. These sessions will be mentored by an Intermediate or Advanced club member player. Here is where you will learn the rules of the game,  and how to play.  You will gain the confidence that you need to join NOVICE play. Beginners will need to demonstrate that they understand the rules of the game and how to keep score, as well as other basic skills including the ability to sustain a short rally.  This level is 100% organized and mentored by volunteer club members. When offered indoors,  the fee will be higher.

❇️ NOVICE (aka 2.0-2.5) This level is for Novice players. If you are new to the game but not a “Beginner” you are a Novice player for our Club purposes.  This is where Novice players grow their skills in a safe & supportive environment on their journey to become Intermediate. Novice play is not mentored.  Novice players are required to learn and follow our Club mandated player rotation guidelines. Novice players should master the 2.5 skill level and be winning most of their games before moving to Intermediate.

✴️ INTERMEDIATE (aka 2.5-3.5) This level is for Intermediate players. Intermediate is a very broad spectrum.  This level is where players will spend the most time on their journey up the levelled play ladder. Intermediate players should be winning most of their games before moving  to Advanced Intermediate. Mutual respect, kindness and a whole lotta FUN lives here!

🔥 ADVANCED INTERMEDIATE (aka 3.5+) Advanced Intermediate is for solid   intermediate players who enjoy a more competitive and faster paced game. Advanced Intermediate is not as fast or competitive as Advanced but is for players who can sustain a rally,  return harder shots and keep up with faster play. FUN is the focus.

🅰️ADVANCED (aka 3.5+ and Competitive) Advanced is a level for skilled players who enjoy a faster and more competitive game. You must be a relatively skilled player to play in this level and you must appreciate and enjoy a faster paced and more competitive game.  While you can always expect a more challenging game in the Advanced level, all players are required to uphold our club mandate which requires us to prioritize mutual respect and kindness over competition. Advanced, just like all of our levels – should still be FUN for everyone!

The PCPC loosely follows the Pickleball Canada 2 Digit Skill Based Rating System found here https://pickleballcanada.org/ratings/2-digit-ratings/